How we can assist your business?

We are specialists within the field, constantly researching latest social media trends and providing clients with solutions that best suit their organisation – ensuring that your business’s global presence compliments and strengthens your brand. What we do?

1. Set-up of Social Media tools

- we ensure that all social media tools are set-up correctly, failure to do so will have a negative impact on your organisations brand and customer relationships.

2. Customise social media tools to suit you and your business Design

- we design full HTML landing pages which can contain graphics, text, videos, links, flash and the list continues. A well designed landing page creates a good impression, keeping visitors interested for longer and increasing your chances of converting them into clients.

- we design profile pictures which effectively compliments your brand and occasion.

4. 101 Social Media tutorials

- we provide all clients with a 101 Social Media tutorial, ensuring clients understand the power of social media and how to operate these tools effectively.

5. Social media news

- we provide all our Facebook followers with the latest social media news, because the worlds gone social and our goal is to keep YOU in the CONVERSATION.


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